Some links to projects and publications
  • OECD Table Output Generator

    Application Generator Output Table (TOG) allows automatic generation of statistical tables and published in various formats (XHTML, XHTML Book, Excel, PDF, FrameMaker)

    [Bruno Chatel has completed the technical architecture and assured development of the application (.NET, SOAP, XSLT2, Miramo)]

    Use Case Miramo :

  • ATA e-Business, Flight Operations Interest Group

    is a member of the ATA e-Business Program and an active participant of the "Flight Operations Interest Group (FOIG).

  • Airbus OpsData

    Redesign project of flight operations documentation produced by Airbus for the A380. .

    [Bruno Chatel has designed all document models (authoring and exchange) for the OpsData project.]

  • Dynaprism (aka Bureau Veritas, New Browser)

    Dynaprism is a framework developed under the project "New Browser" with the Bureau Veritas (Marine Division) to implement a solution for electronic consultation (online -inter/intra net, or local CDROM). The solution designed and developed is based on open source components (eXist, Cocoon, Jetty).

    [Bruno Chatel has implemented the server architecture and developed the search.]

    Official production site :

  • SchemaDoc

    SchemaDoc is a design framework and documentation of XML models, developed in partnership with Tirème.

    [Bruno Chatel involved in developing SchemaDoc.]

  • XS2DTD

    Under the project SchemaDoc, a conversion module XML Schemas to DTDs has been developed.

    [Bruno Chatel involved in the design and development of XS2DTD.]

  • Tutorial XML schemas

    Tutorial "XML Schemas, a technical introduction" presented at a workshop

    [Bruno Chatel has designed and animated tutorial.] (is no more active)

  • XML recommendations status

    Study conducted on behalf of EDF taking stock of the recommendations XML documentataire viewpoint, published in the Gutenberg books 37-38

    [Bruno Chatel participated in this study.]

  • Airbus LPC

    Airbus LPC "Less Paper In The Cockpit" is a product developed by Airbus, integrating the two modules "Fcom Starter Pack" and "MMEL Starter Pack" to manage the operational documentation Airbus

    [has fully developed the FCOM and MMEL Starter Packs.]

  • AirN@v

    Solution developed by Airbus for the preparation and consultation of aeronautical documentation, including the "Adoc Electronic Publisher for Data Preparation and customization of application" module integrates "Access Module Creation."

    [Bruno Chatel has developed the ACM processing module.]

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